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Professional Services for Entrepreneurs

Besides his focus on real estate he is passionate about start-ups, entrepreneurship and business administration as well as legal and tax optimization. Helping start-ups with his knowledge and experience in the following areas is a great pleasure for him.

Motivational Speaking

You learn how to find, quantify and qualify goals, how to control your way to reach these and how to become the successful person you are dreaming about right now.

Business Modeling

The idea is just a part of the solution. Besides the essential knowledge about your customers you also have to evaluate the market and the competitors. Afterwards you can create a solution matching your customers’ needs.

Business Structures

The structure of a company can be very interesting and gives you and your team many opportunities or problems while growing. Multiple leaders, limited companies or offshore solutions – the combination will lead to great success.

Team Building

The evaluation of a team and the successful integration of new team members is an essential and psychological topic. You should know that diversification is one of the keys. Every start-up team should have a hustler, a designer and a developer or hacker.

Legal & Tax

Often underestimated but important topics are the legal and tax situations of a company. Here are many things to be controlled and if you don’t think about this, your company can be dead right after you started it but you will recognize it two years later.

General Management

General management is, just as tax and legal, one of the underestimated but important parts of a company. This includes keeping the books clean and controlling the financial situation. Deciding early and understanding the difference between the situation on the paper and in reality.

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Success Management

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